Arrival Guide

Notice When You Arrive

Enter through the main entrance at 235 State Street for all hospital services and if you are being admitted for a procedure.  You will then be guided to registration and check in at the surgery desk in the Lloyd Olson Surgery Center.

For surgical patients: Please have a designated person to be contacted (preferably the family member or friend you have designated as your surgery buddy) when your surgery is completed.  While waiting in the surgery lobby, they will receive a pager.

Common Questions

What should I bring with me to the hospital?

All items or containers brought to the hospital should be clearly marked with your name.

Please limit the personal things you bring to the hospital.
Only bring the most important items such as:

Medical Items:
• A copy of your Health Care Directives
• Any test results or forms you were told to bring
• A list of your medications, the doses, and the times you take them
• Insurance details

Toiletry Items:
• Comb and brush
• Razor and shaving cream (electric razor preferred)
• Body wash or soap (if you want your own brand)
• Toothpaste and toothbrush
• Denture cleanser and denture cup
• Deodorant

Clothing: (You will be getting dressed in your own clothes when you leave the hospital after surgery)
• Loose-fitting clothing, such as sweats
• Loose non-slip footwear (such as Velcro runners)
• Underwear
• Cases for glasses, hearing aids, dentures or contacts

What shouldn’t I bring to the hospital?

Please leave valuables such as cash, jewelry and credit cards at home.  Also, please remove any piercings and rings.

What if I have a concern about my medical care?

It is your right at any time during your hospital stay to discuss your medical care with your physician (or designee). In addition, you may request to speak with a hospital administrator, director, manager or supervisor to discuss concerns about your treatment plan or hospital care at any time.

Notice of Medicare Outpatient Observation