Our healing environment is designed to offer a home-like setting for those who are hospitalized.  Patients are here to recover from illness, injury, surgery, or the delivery of a baby, and we have created a quiet atmosphere to aid in their care and recovery.

We have considered patient privacy and comfort in our hospital, and provided amenities that encourage family involvement.  We believe that family participation is crucial to successful treatment but as healthcare providers, our first priority is our patient.

We respectfully request that visitors abide by the standards set for visitors.

Visiting Hours

Visitors are welcome at any time.  We do not have designated visiting hours.  Exceptions will be determined by your provider and the nursing staff based on the patient’s needs.
Note: Visitors with known communicable diseases are not allowed at anytime.

Other Visitor Guidelines


Latex balloons are not allowed in the medical center due to latex sensitivities. Mylar balloons are available for purchase in the Gift Shop.


Our chapel is located on the first floor of the hospital and is open 24 hours a day. If you would like to visit with a chaplain, please call the social worker at extension 2272 or chaplain at extension 2016

Film and Photo Policy

St. Croix Regional Medical Center requires that verbal permission is received before filming or taking a photo of staff or patients. In order to protect the privacy and safety of patients and staff, filming and photography during procedures is not allowed. If you have questions please feel free to ask your nurse or provider.

Mail Services

Postage stamps are available for purchase at the Information Desk near the hospital entrance.


Area papers are available on the nursing units and in the lounges. We subscribe to the Inter County Leader, Polk County Ledger, Amery Free Press, Burnett Co. Sentinel, Chisago County Press, and Osceola Sun. Twin Cities’ papers are the Pioneer Press, Minneapolis Star Tribune and USA Today. Please ask if you cannot find one you wish to read.


Emergency and short-term parking for patients and families are available near the entrance to the hospital/surgery center. Valets are available to assist you.


A healthy pet (dog or cat) may be brought into the medical center for a short time (approximately ½ hour) to visit a patient. It must be carried securely, be in a kennel or on a firm leash. A visiting pet will be allowed in the main lobby area, the Med/Surg, or ICU units. Nurses may use their discretion when allowing a pet to visit.


A retail pharmacy is located on the first floor of the clinic near the front entrance.


Public restrooms are located on each floor throughout the medical center. Please ask for assistance if you are not finding one easily.

Smoking/Tobacco Policy

St. Croix Regional Medical Center is committed to a healthy and clean environment and strictly prohibits smoking or tobacco use within the medical center and on all SCRMC property.

Waiting Areas

St. Croix Regional Medical Center provides comfortable, convenient waiting areas for family and friends. Reading materials, televisions and play areas are located throughout the medical center. Patient Perks, our coffee shop, is located in the clinic on the second floor.

Please do not leave children unattended in any of our waiting rooms. Please let the desk know if you are waiting long without someone speaking to you and keeping you informed.