Your Care Team

Care Conferences

A care conference is a meeting that brings together the patient and/or patients’ family, nurse and other professionals involved in delivering your care.  Any patient or family member can request a care conference.  Together we become members of same health care team – a team completely focused on your healing through compassionate care.

Your Health Care Team

These are the medical professionals with whom you will interact with on a daily basis.  All staff members of St. Croix Regional Medical Center must wear an ID badge with their name, department and photo.

Your hospitalist has responsibility for all decisions made that affect your care.

Nurse Manager
The nurse manager oversees the unit’s daily operations and is an excellent resource if you need assistance during your hospital stay.

During your stay in the hospital, nurses provide 24-hour bedside care and assistance.  At any time, for any reason, if you have questions, needs or concerns we encourage you to bring it to your nurse’s attention.  They are there to help you and will do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible.

Social Worker
As part of the medical team, a social worker’s role is supportive, informational and educational. They can help assess your needs, provides counseling and will connect you to helpful community and hospital resources preparing you for discharge.

Therapists specialize in various aspects of your recovery.  Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists are a few examples of those who may be part of your extended health care team.

Hospitality Aide
Assist you with ordering your meals and deliver meals to your room.

Prepare medicine ordered by your provider.  They also monitor potential side effects, allergies and food and drug interactions.

Other Team Members
Depending on your condition you may interact with a wide range of individuals who are dedicated to your health care.  From radiology to volunteers—every SCRMC staff member you encounter makes a caring contribution to your hospital experience and recovery.

Your Support Person
We believe that you and your support person(s) are important members of your health care team and hope you take a moment to understand your support person(s) valuable involvement in your care.