Pacemaker Clinic – St. Croix Heart

St. Croix Regional Medical Center and Regions Hospital of St. Paul have joined together in a program called St. Croix Heart.  St. Croix Heart brings a much broader range of cardiology care, non-invasive cardiology and electrophysiology care to the area.

This program now provides pacemaker and internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD) services designed to provide comprehensive follow-up for people with pacemakers and defibrillators (there are no limitations regarding any brand or type of device).

Patients can see St. Croix Heart staff regularly in order to evaluate the status of their device and to optimize its function. No longer do area residents with these devices need to drive to the Twin Cities to have their pacemaker or defibrillator checked. Regions Hospital staff are at St. Croix Regional Medical Center during pacemaker clinic hours to help patients who have a concern about their medications or who want to discuss other questions.

Anyone wishing to transfer the service/care of their pacemaker or defibrillator device should contact Rachael Broome, LPN, at St. Croix Regional Medical Center at 715-483-0310 or 800-642-1336, Ext. 2310 for assistance.