Athletic Sports Training

Kinisi Institute for Movement provides injury prevention and care to our area’s young athletes via contracts with area schools in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The Athletic Training program embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to care that involves a sports medicine specialist and providers, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, a podiatrist and a dietician.

Staff focus on such concerns as sports-related nutrition and hydration, preparation and training, conditioning and injury prevention, rehabilitation, and care while always keeping in mind the overall condition of the individual. They also provide optimal injury management and safe return to performance for those with sports-related injuries. This program enables area youth and active adults to meet their sports-related health care needs locally.

Each staff member is dedicated to helping area athletes, as well as active (and ‘becoming” active) adults, avoid injuries while providing an informative and motivational environment for those who do become injured.

The medical center also provides clinics for coaches to address such areas as nutrition for athletes, prevention of heat injuries, concussion evaluation and management, stretching and conditioning programs, general principles in evaluating on-field injuries, preparation for serious injuries, appropriate guidelines for rehabilitation, and methods for speeding return to participation.