About Our Services

Specialists in mental health help their clients achieve and maintain a state of emotional and psychological well-being, function effectively in society, relate well to others, and meet the ordinary demands of every day life.

Psychiatry Services

Evaluation and treatment by a physician to help with the administration of medications and other treatment.

Psychotherapy Services

Evaluation and treatment by a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist.

Services Offered

Individual, couples, family and group therapy, medication management and psychological testing.

Areas We Treat

• Relationship and Marriage Problems
• Family and Parenting Issues
• Depression and Other Mood Disorders
• Pregnancy and Postpartum Issues
• Anxiety
• Grief and Loss
• Stress Management
• Pain Management
• Phobia and Panic Disorders
• Problems Related to Aging
• Adjustment Disorders
• Eating Disorders
• Alcohol and Drug Addiction Problems
• Problems Related to Health and Medical Concerns
• Attention Deficit and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

For more information about Counseling and Psychological Services providers please call 715-483-0243.