Occupational Medicine

Despite the best efforts of employees and management, on the job accidents still occur.  Occupational Health staff members work closely with both to speed recovery and return to work.

Occupational injury services includes prompt access to 24-hour emergency care, expanded urgent/occupational clinic hours, aggressive treatment, programs to facilitate early return to work, immediate reporting to employers, assistance for employers to implement workplace changes (such as light duty or work station modifications), focused management of high-risk, high-cost cases, and coordination among multiple providers.

Program staff can also help employers identify health problems and risks, educate employees, decrease workplace injury incidents, and provide wellness programs designed to foster better employee health while improving the bottom line. Occupational Health staff also coordinate employment-related services (including pre-employment physicals, DOT physicals, drug testing, and respirator physicals), and can provide same-day appointments to meet demanding market needs.

For assistance with Occupational Health issues, call Kathy Weeks at 715-483-0427.