Same Day Surgery

Our state of the art surgery center offers the latest in surgical and recovery care with private pre-and post-surgery recovery rooms and a comfortable, spacious, and quiet lounge.  The board-certified surgical specialists are supported by certified nurse anesthetists, registered nurses, and technologists.

Surgery and Recovery

Pre-Op Area

One person may accompany the patient to pre-op for initial preparation. Once the patient is ready, two people at a time can be escorted to the pre-op area.

PACU — Post Anesthesia Care Unit

After surgery, the surgeon will visit the surgical waiting area to speak privately with family or friends. At this time the patient will be going to PACU and recovery may take up to 2 hours.  Family or friends will be notified when the patient is in outpatient recovery or, if needed, has been assigned to a hospital room.

Outpatient Recovery Area

After a patient has recovered in PACU they will be transferred to outpatient recovery.  Family or friends will then be escorted to the outpatient recovery area.  Home care instruction will be provided before the patient is discharged.