Health and Wellness

Lindstrom Fitness Class Schedule

Winter 2017-2018 Schedule

Class Descriptions:

Cardio/Strength Craze
A mix of cardio and strength using various equipment to build strength and endurance giving you a full body workout.
Instructor: Lindsey

Cardio/Tush and Tummy
A full body workout using various equipment that will help you tone and burn calories.
Instructor: Sherry

High intensity, full body and plyometric exercise set to powerful music.
Instructor: Jamie

Kettlebells Plus
Use the power and versatility of kettlebells to increase your strength, plus the mix of cardio and toning.
Instructor: Tim

Power Pilates
Excellent workout using the discipline of Pilates for developing strength, flexibility and a strong core.
Instructor: Kathy

Cardio and strength workout using lightly-weighted drumsticks in sync with energizing music.
Instructor:  Diane

Power Pump
Utilize rhythm changes with a variable weight bar for a total body strength- based workout.
Instructor:  Emily

Steady As You Go***
Low impact, low intensity fitness class geared toward those just starting to exercise or those 50 years of age and older. All activities are performed sitting or standing.
Instructor: Heather

An inclusive workout with intervals of cardio and strength activities using the step, dumbbells and your own body weight.
Instructor: Jill

Tone and Trim
Sculpt your body using multiple strengthening exercises.
Instructor: Diane

Zumba ®
Dance-based aerobic fitness class combining Latin and other hip-hop style music with easy-to-follow choreography.
Instructors: SuZanne (M/W AM), Anna (T PM)

Zumba Plus ®
Easy to follow choreography combined with various strength and toning exercises.
Instructor: Deanna

Yoga Classes

Power Yoga
A vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga.
Instructors: Laura

Senior Yoga***
Yoga geared toward an older adult population. Increase flexibility and quiet the mind. May be completed in a chair or on the ground.
Instructor: Heather